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Observe and Report A spiritual exercise for the heart that offers us a chance to look for the good in a socially awkward, bigoted, violent, and loathsome individual.
Police, Adjective A slow-paced, philosophical, and thought-provoking Romanian film about a cop with a conscience.
The Guard An impressive performance by Brendan Gleeson as an eccentric, independent and surly cop in a small Irish seaside town.
Heat A powerful and compelling drama about two similar men on the opposite sides of the law who find themselves on a collision course.
The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros A 12-year-old boy's initiation into the adult world where even those who seem virtuous are capable of giving into the enticements of money and power.
1000 Rupee Note A sobering depiction of the damage that money can do to caring and compassionate people.
Love Is the Perfect Crime A mesmerizing psychological thriller set in the majestic Swiss Alps.
Man from Reno An evocative film noir set in San Francisco and a nearby small town.
Presumed Guilty A bold documentary about the corruption, ineptitude, and power of Mexico's justice system.
To Kill a Man A chilling Chilean film which offers a fresh take on revenge.