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Passing Strange Film version of a fresh and spunky Broadway musical about a young black man's quest for self-understanding and creative expression.
He Got Game You can be sitting on top of the world but if your heart is weighed down with hate, you're going to be one sorry, sad, soul for a very long time.
Miracle at St. Anna A World War II story of four black soldiers that is lifted above its confusing subplots and multiple characters by two magical moments of compassion.
Clockers The conflicting factions in ghetto areas where black-on-black violence makes death a member of the family.
Red Hook Summer A thought-provoking drama from Spike Lee about coming-of-age, fundamentalist Christianity, African-American discontent, and the unforgivable sin.
Crooklyn An idiosyncratic domestic drama written and directed by Spike Lee.
Inside Man An extraordinary movie about power, amorality, ethics, and urban living, by director Spike Lee at the height of his talent.
Do the Right Thing A cautionary tale set in the ghetto about the racial hatred that still remains an open wound on the soulscape of America.
Malcolm X Diligently and respectfully tracks both the highs and the lows in the spiritual journey of one of America's most important black leaders.
Get on the Bus Vividly conveys the yearning of some African-American men for solidarity.