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Prayers from Timeless Prayers for Peace Multiple Christian prayers for various settings.
Between Two Souls Benedictine Sister Mary Lou Kownacki's poem about the gift of prayer beads.
Guerrillas of Grace A lively, creative, and soul-stretching collection of prayers.
Prayers from a Nonbeliever Reveals how grace can come to have meaning even for those who have a cushy, privileged, nicer-than-most life.
My Heart in My Mouth Prayers filled with images to send the soul soaring.
A Cry for Mercy Offers another glimpse in the divine milieu of a devotional life that is inspired and inspiring.
The Divine Hours First in a trilogy of prayer manuals.
Dhikr Contains insights into the Sufi path of prayer.
The Only Necessary Thing Provides plenty of insights into desire, discipline, community, intercession, forgiveness, solitude, and much more.
The Diversity of Centering Prayer Christian contemplative practice explored.