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Absurd Convictions, Modest Hopes Daniel Berrigan on his experiences in prison.
The Convict Christ Jens Soering on the central fact of faith that Jesus as a condemned criminal executed alongside two thieves.
America is Hard to Find Daniel Berrigan seeking justice and peace.
Lights on in the House of the Dead Daniel Berrigan's journal kept during his 18 months in Danbury prison.
The Convict Christ Reflects upon how followers of Jesus, a condemned and executed criminal, should look at the plight of prisoners in today's criminal justice system.
Razor-Wire Dharma A prisoner's stories of practicing Buddhism in prison where silence, kindness, non-harming, and compassion are in short supply.
Working Words Anne Feeney on how it takes eternal vigilance for justice to prevail.
The Coconut Monk A children's story set in Vietnam that models the path of peace and nonviolence.
Finding Freedom Demonstrates the high and holy calling of being a peaceful presence in such a terrible place.