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Daniel Berrigan A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Daniel Berrigan, a Catholic priest, teacher, poet, and retreat leader; internationally known as a nonviolent peace and just…
Lamentations Daniel Berrigan raging against the realities of war and lamenting its victims.
Daniel Berrigan A capacious work that brings together the essential writings of antiwar activist, peacemaker, poet, and Christian commentator Daniel Berrigan.
And the Risen Bread Forty years of poetry by peace activist and Jesuit prophet Daniel Berrigan.
Daniel Berrigan Daniel Berrigan on why there can never be a just war.
Testimony Daniel Berrigan's poem on the trouble with our state.
Absurd Convictions, Modest Hopes Daniel Berrigan on his experiences in prison.
The Geography of Faith Daniel Berrigan and Robert Coles in a dialogue about subversive common sense.
Jesus Christ