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Albert Brooks: Defending My Life A documentary guaranteed to make you laugh about one of the greatest comedians of our time.
The Magic of Belle Isle A spiritual film for all true believers in the power of love to transform lives.
Flipped An endearing coming-of-age love story about a boy and girl from the age of seven through thirteen.
The Bucket List A delightful comedy about two dying men who travel the world to discover the joy in their lives.
The Story of Us Lightheartedly conveys that the sources of marital love can be renewed even after a period of spiritual dryness.
Ghosts of Mississippi Convincingly plumbs the spiritual impulses behind the yearning for justice.
The American President A polished and delightful romantic comedy about soulmates.
A Few Good Men Ignited by a clash of values, courtroom fireworks, and a dazzling display of topnotch acting.
Misery A convincing psychological thriller with a powerful performance by Kathy Bates.
When Harry Met Sally Provides plenty of material for a private seminar on the education of your sentiments about love, friendship, and sexuality.