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The Magic of Belle Isle A spiritual film for all true believers in the power of love to transform lives.
Stand By Me An ode to youthful friendship and a lament for the loss of that precious bond between grown men.
The Bucket List A delightful comedy about two dying men who travel the world to discover the joy in their lives.
Flipped An endearing coming-of-age love story about a boy and girl from the age of seven through thirteen.
The Princess Bride An appealing, bittersweet fairy tale set in a farawy world of once upon a time.
The Story of Us Lightheartedly conveys that the sources of marital love can be renewed even after a period of spiritual dryness.
A Few Good Men Ignited by a clash of values, courtroom fireworks, and a dazzling display of topnotch acting.
When Harry Met Sally Provides plenty of material for a private seminar on the education of your sentiments about love, friendship, and sexuality.
The American President A polished and delightful romantic comedy about soulmates.
Misery A convincing psychological thriller with a powerful performance by Kathy Bates.