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Four Feet, Two Sandals A touching and edifying account of the friendship forged between two young girls in a refugee camp in Pakistan
A Prayer for Libyan Refugees The United Nations refugee agency says almost 100,000 people have fled the fighting in Libya and gone to Tunisia and Egypt. The situation is now seen as a "humanitarian emergency." Many of these peo…
A Prayer for Syrian Refugees Protector of Refugees, after three years of civil war in Syria, this refugee crisis is bigger than the one caused by the Rwandan genocide. Look after these people who have lost their homes and livel…
The Spirit of Tibet Full-color photographs of Tibetans now living in exile in Nepal and India.
This Flowing Toward Me A sensitive and engaging memoir of a sister who has spent 25 working with refugees and international immigrants.
Mary C. Grey in The Outrageous Pursuit of Hope There are many who are "exiles in their own land."
La Sirga A Columbian drama about the fear that hangs like a dark cloud over a young female refugee who seeks a new life in the High Andes with her uncle.
Lamerica A mersmerizing film that will soften your heart towards the plight of refugees all over the world.
Arrival City A massively researched and well-written book about the challenges faced by those who have moved from rural villages to arrival cities around the world.
District 9 A bold and creative science fiction adventure that shows the dire consequences of hating strangers and ignoring the practice of hospitality.