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Union Square Character-driven drama about two estranged sisters who reach a point where they must either reconcile or permanently separate from each other.
Warrior A sports movie about a martial arts tournament and an intimate drama about letting go of hatred and opening the heart to the healing balm of forgiveness.
When Did You Last See Your Father? A sensitive and compelling exploration of a troubled father-son relationship with universal themes.
Like Father A dramady about the difficulties of shucking resentment
Jersey Boys A biopicture about the pop music group worth seeing for the playful and melodic songs.
Still Walking A bittersweet drama about a Japanese family get-together that explores sibling rivalry, the need to be loved, and the mysteries of death.
American Fiction A satire with heart challenging the stereotypes and narrative tropes in Black fiction.
The Daughter An unflinching look at the incredible harm that can be done by secrets, adultery, and even honesty.
Anatomy of a Fall Courtroom drama that raises questions about the stresses of a marriage.
After the Wedding An emotionally literate drama in which the characters must deal with their past and present choices.