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The Retirement Gamble An accessible and troubling look at the plight of millions of Americans who do not have enough money to live comfortably in retirement.
To Rome with Love A multi-story film with warnings about the dangers and delusions of love, marriage, fame, and the need to control everything that shows up in our lives.
45 Years A powerful portrait of a loving wife who finds herself impaled upon the emotional cross of jealousy.
Bright Days Ahead A French dramedy about the love affair that brings pleasure to a married 64 year old woman and a 41 year-old computer teacher.
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel A top-drawer dramedy about a band of English retirees in India and the challenges and transformations they undergo.
Land Ho! A wonderful and quirky film about two quite different seventy-somethings and their adventures during a trip to Iceland.
Old Goats An appealing film reveals the bright side of retirement for three men.
Raw Faith A vibrant and timely documentary about a progressive Unitarian Universalist minister and the challenges she faces in her public and private lives.