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Jean Vanier Jean Vanier (in a book edited by Carolyn Whitney-Brown) on the principles underlying forgiveness.
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The Power of Forgiveness Kenneth Briggs's scientific query about forgiveness.
And Never Stop Dancing Gordon Livingston on the Columbine massacre and forgiveness.
Living a Life That Matters Harold S. Kushner's on what revenge is and an alternative to it.
The Future of Peace The Dalai Lama talks about the dark side of violence and revenge.
The Forgiveness Solution An impressive and multidimensional collection of exercises and practices to nurture forgiveness in us.
Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality A scary portrait of the pervasiveness of dualistic thinking contrasted with rise of unity consciousness as a hopeful alternative.
The Book of the Shepherd A quest story about seeking a new way of compassion, love, and peace in world where violence and revenge hold sway.
Choosing Mercy Antoinette Bosco on forgiveness.