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John of the Cross A 60-minute drama exploring the Spanish saint's yearning for mystical union with God.
St. Patrick: Apostle of Ireland A portrait of this fifth-century Christian's life and ministry.
Santitos: Esperanza's Box of Saints A phantasmagorical Mexican drama that brings to mind the magic, the lyricism, and the comedy of Like Water for Chocolate.
The Third Miracle An absorbing religious drama.
Joan of Arc Leelee Sobieski plays this heroine as a valient young woman whose ardent faith and courage are put on display on the battlefield and in court.
The Marvels and Mysteries of The Da Vinci Code Book reviews and excerpts that discuss the themes of Dan Brown's novel.
Regarding Henry A discussion guide to the movie "Regarding Henry." Recommended for people interested in finding spirituality at the movies. A spiritual emergency forces an aggressive, successful, and amoral New York …
Damien An extraordinary one-man drama about the ministry of a priest who put his life on the line for the lepers isolated on Molokai island in Hawaii.
Household Saints Shows God working miracles in the lives of people dealing with such seemingly insignificant matters as sausages, card games, ironing, and scrubbing the floors.
Brother Sun, Sister Moon Presents an inspiring and edifying portrait of St. Francis's spiritual practice of devotion and his humble life of service.