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The Circle of Life Joyce Rupp and Macrina Wiederkehr's devotional resources celebrating spring and hope.
The Heart of Autumn A poem that hints at the mysteriousness of the autumn season.
Summer James Vanden Bosch's two prayers of gratitude for grace received through the bounties of the natural world, family, and Sabbath (book edited by Gary Schmidt and Susan Felch).
The Language of Spring Jesse Stuart's poem about beauty in April.
The Language of Spring May Sarton's poem on transformation during springtime.
Summer A poem by Denise Levertov celebrating being present to nature.
Why Buffalo Dance An admirable collection of meditations and teaching stories about the rhythms of the four seasons and the animals who are in sync with them.
A Mind of Winter 32 poems about winter, snow, cold, icicles, wind, and long days.
A Mind of Winter Donald Hall's poem "The Snow."
Holidays and Holy Nights Christopher Hill on the celebration of the powerful festival of fall.