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The Selected Poems of Po Chu-I Eclectic poems of a Chinese poet.
Peace a Day at a Time Daily meditations drawn from the author's most popular books.
(title not found) A CD with chants to stir the soul. This song by Karen Drucker is about feeling grateful.
Gandhi's Hope The multiple meanings of the spiritual practice of peace.
Finding the Blue Sky A teaching story about the benefits of meditation.
Releasing the Creative Spirit Dan Wakefield on simple techniques to experience the calming effect of silence.
Sonorous Desert Understanding hesychia.
Perfect Intimacy A fascinating visual overview of the cloistered life photographed at Carmelite monasteries where nuns have dedicated their lives to devotion and service.
From Fear to Serenity with Anthony de Mello A tribute to an Indian Jesuit priest and his out-of-the-box spirituality.
Healing Anger The Dalai Lama draws suggestions to build peace of mind from Shantideva's Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life.