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Master Gardener Story of the transformation of a former White Supremacist through his work in a garden.
The Card Counter A character study of a gambler seeking redemption for his past actions as part of the American war machine.
First Reformed A slow movie classic which explores a rainbow mix of religious and spiritual themes.
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters Offers a mesmerizing profile of the famous Japanese writer whose life was filled with drama.
The Walker A morally charged drama about the nasty games played by the rich and the powerful in Washington, D.C.
Auto Focus An intense drama about a full-fledged sex addict who is in complete denial about his condition.
Affliction Rarely has the dynamics of family violence been portrayed on the screen with such grim and palpable power.
Light Sleeper A film about a middle-aged man who longs for meaning and the grace that can change his life.
The Comfort of Strangers A compelling and macabre psychological thriller.
Cat People A most unusual love story.