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Shame and Grace Lewis Smedes on the dynamics of grace and shame, and the power of God's acceptance.
Pema Chodron in When Things Fall Apart There is nothing to be embarrassed about
Lewis B. Smedes in Shame and Grace Shame is heavy and grace is light
Joseph Telushkin in A Code of Jewish Ethics Only to find myself doing the same thing
David Brazier in The Feeling Buddha Nothing shameful in begging for what is needed
A Prayer for Slaves O Liberator God, we are ashamed of the persistence of slavery in our world. Help us to cherish our freedom and fight for the freedom of others. Fact: There are at least 27 million slaves in 161 c…
Ronald Rolheiser in The Holy Longing If you have ever been shamed in your enthusiasm
Alison Pepper in WomanPrayers Lord of my greatest fear
Harold S. Kushner in Overcoming Life's Disappointments Broken dreams are tokens of courage
Jonathan Sacks in Celebrating Life Rules about the ethics of speech