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Harvest of Fire Explores the friendship between two very different women.
Seeking God: The Way of the Monk A fascinating look inside a community of Benedictine monks.
The World Before Your Feet Fascinating documentary about a zealot, the turf he loves, and his gift of wonder.
Mother A touching documentary about the three virtues of a compassionate caregiver.
Gifted Drama about an uncle's love and caretaking for his niece who is a young math prodigy.
Nomadland The remarkable odyssey of a feisty woman who finds community and her true self in her home on the road.
They Say Nothing Stays the Same A character study about a Japanese elder who models kindness, hospitality, and reverence.
Megane A thoroughly enchanting drama about an up-tight and driven woman who is softened and opened up by the slow and sensuous rhythms of island time.
No Impact Man A bold and astonishing documentary about the daunting and enlightening ecological project of a radical idealist and his New York City family.
The Last Station A glimpse into the last year in Tolstoy's life and a provocative depiction of the different shades of love in the lives of some creative people.