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Repentance — Tshuvah Reflecting on your own faults.
Remembrance Day for Carrie Nation (PDP) Learning about the consequences of zeal from the story of a crusader against the use of alcohol.
The First Stone or Hypocrite Stone Carry a small stone in your pocket to remind you not to criticize.
Self-Accounting A discernment technique for assessing our life's balance sheet on a daily basis.
Rendering Peaceful Praying for the transformation of violence.
Birthday of Reinhold Niebuhr (PDP) Learning from the theologian, professor, and ethicist who wrote the Serenity Prayer.
Concrete Love A model for becoming a force of love for yourself and others.
In You There Is a Future An invocation of faith, gratitude and hope in God's presence and mercy in our lives.
The Path of Resistance When we see governments committing acts that harm people and the planet, the religions say "Resist!" These prayers, quotes, readings, practices, and websites will support you on this path.
O God of Mercy Saint Benedict's commitment to follow the edicts of his faith.