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The Renewal of Forgiveness Advice on using a ritual for forgiving yourself.
Repentance — Tshuvah Reflecting on your own faults.
Bless The Limitations Questions to ponder to help you bless the limitations -- even your own.
Give It Up Exhortation to give up something you value for something you believe in.
Who Am I? A teaching story and practices about forgiveness and non-judgment.
Dark Times A practice to unify our experience of darkness and light.
Tawba A practice for accepting our mistakes and moving through them to God's forgiveness, mercy, and truth.
Remembrance Day for Carrie Nation (PDP) Learning about the consequences of zeal from the story of a crusader against the use of alcohol.
Self-Accounting A discernment technique for assessing our life's balance sheet on a daily basis.
Dua Arafah The extraordinarily beautiful and lengthy supplication Imam al-Husayn offered on the Day of Arafah.