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An Alphabet of Progressive Christian Spirituality - 8 Practices from Rest in Uncertainty to Spiritual Literacy in this alphabet.
Spiritual Literacy Month A time to focus on all the ways we can read the world for sacred meanings, using clips from the Spiritual Literacy Film Series.
Eating and Preparing Food as a Spiritual Practice Reframing the experience of food using the 37 practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
Spiritually Literate New Year's Resolutions New Year's Resolutions based on spiritual practices in the Alphabet of Spiritual Literacy.
Primary Lessons A recommendation to reflect on your spiritual teachers and lessons.
Joan Chittister in The Psalms: Meditations for Every Day of the Year Longing is a compass that guides
Ron Miller in Wisdom of the Carpenter Love your brother
Joan Puls in Seek Treasures in Small Fields I have never forgotten
Baby Bird Keen insights into the teacher-student relationship.
John Tarrant in The Light Inside the Dark Many times on our journey we are tempted