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Liberty Heights Coming to terms with the other (whether stranger, enemy, or alien) is as critical to the development of tbe soul now as it was in the 1950s,
On My Way A delightful dramedy and road movie with Catherine Deneuve at her best.
The Good Postman A documentary that exposes bigotry, fear, and anger as toxic forces in a dying village in Bulgaria.
Found Memories A visually poetic parabolic drama about aging, death, community, hospitality, and transformation.
Summerland A tender and touching film about a woman who is surprised to discover her capacity for nurturing.
Hospitalite A comedy of manners about the ways and the means whereby power-hungry people are able to manipulate humble and kind souls.
Cowboys & Aliens A rousing action drama that mixes film genres and comes up with a winner propelled by strong performances by Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.
Hostiles A western that depicts the miracle of turning away from a life of violence, hatred, and anger.
Once Upon a River Coming-of-age story about a Native American woman who benefits from the kindness of strangers.
The Band's Visit A deeply spiritual comedy about the bridge-making capacities of hospitality.