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The Giver A cogent morality play about love, memory, and what is needed for a full and rich life.
Salt An impressive action-thriller that pulls out all the stops.
Catch a Fire A thought-provoking depiction of the process whereby self-righteous zealots who use barbaric tactics and torture to achieve their goals actually create more terrorists.
Rabbit-Proof Fence An Australian spiritual adventure story about three courageous Aboriginal girls and their yearning to return home.
The Quiet American A timely and formidable screen adaptation of Graham Greene's novel about the terrible aftershocks of a zealous young American's idealism and subterfuge in Saigon in 1952.
The Bone Collector A thriller that also manages to focus on the art of mentoring.
Echoes of Paradise A riveting tale of spiritual transformation that dashes the myth of island paradises and the dream of an existence unencumbered by adult responsibilities.