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Grandparenting in a Changing World Reveals ways in which love, support, and wisdom can be shared across the generations.
Blessings for God's People Thomas G. Simons with a blessing for Grandparent's Day.
Eknath Easwaran in Your Life Is Your Message Joy if you live for the joy of others
Melannie Svoboda in Everyday Epiphanies I seek out Grandpa Willow for wisdom
Susan Gordon Lydon in Knitting Heaven and Earth A golden child who opened my heart to easy, uncomplicated love.
Shock of Gray Ted Fishman on the safety nets grandparents provide their families.
Rituals for Our Times Evan Imber-Black and Janine Roberts on the healing power of rituals.
Strictly Ballroom A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
Children's Books on the Unity of the Human Family A joyful new book series of photographic essays of children with their parents, grandparents, and animals.
Camille Helminski in Women of Sufism He take his granddaughter into the mosque with him and put her on his shoulders while he prayed.