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Art Can Help Simple ways of approaching art as part of any spiritual practice.
Hockney A well-done mapping of the life and work of David Hockney who has been called England's "National Treasure."
Ed Ruscha's Standard Station How art can sharpen our vision to see the ordinary in new ways.
Spirituality & Art: A Multiversity 20 ways to look at art as an expression of spiritual qualities and pursuits.
Painting Now A robust and substantive survey of contemporary painting on a global scale.
Heartland An astonishing collection of black-and-white photographs celebrating the Plains of the United States.
Effortless Beauty A heartfelt guidebook to contemplative photography filled with attention, simplicity, stillness, and fresh perception.
Eyes of the Heart Insights and practices on photography as a Christian way of seeing.
Enso A fascinating collection of enso (Zen circles) with commentaries on these art works with calligraphy.
Praying with Icons An Orthodox explanation of icons as aids to prayer.