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Christine Valters Paintner A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Christine Valters Paintner, online Abbess at Abbey of the Arts.
The Examen Prayer and the Body's Knowing An adaptation of an Examen prayer using gentle arm movements to access the body's wisdom.
The Wisdom of the Body Christine Valters Paintner on the experience of ecstasy in mysticism and embodied spirituality.
The Wisdom of the Body A lively, creative, and expansive vision of a spirituality of the body.
Illuminating the Way How Rainer Maria Rilke models the Artist archetype.
Illuminating the Way A creative exploration of 12 archetypes and the monks and mystics who express them.
The Soul of a Pilgrim Ways to take an inward spiritual pilgrimage in our daily life.
The Soul of a Pilgrim The spiritual practice of anointing to honor a life transition.
Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire Christine Valters Paintner's devotional practices for appreciating water and its important spiritual meanings.
Eyes of the Heart Insights and practices on photography as a Christian way of seeing.