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Mindfulness First-Aid Kit Directions for putting together your own tools to support your mindfulness practice.
Coffee with Milk, Sugar, and Mindfulness Prompts to bring mindfulness to your coffee experience.
Finding the Potential in Pain Instructions for dealing with pain that arises in meditation.
The Beginning and Ending Encouragement for ritualizing the beginning and ending of your day.
Gatha Walking A walking meditation to cultivate a sense of "hereness."
Right Now A mindfulness exercise to increase your self-knowledge.
Transforming Fear of Death Larry Rosenberg with David Guy looking at Buddhist practices that help us pay more attention to death.
Using the "D" Word Joseph Sharp on the importance of paying attention to how we speak about and envision death.
Chores: A Ritual of Completion Michael Davis on being present while doing chores.
Sparklets A practice for gathering literary passages that are meaningful to you.