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Choosing Where to Focus Attention Accessing happy thoughts with attention.
Mindfulness Breathing An attention practice for relaxation and health.
Listening to the Birds Suggestions for deepening your awareness of the birds around you.
Washing the Dishes and Clothes Description of bringing mindful attention to washing the dishes and washing clothes.
Aimlessly Wandering Instructions for a simple, contemplative wandering practice.
Walking on the Stairs Ways to be mindful during a daily activity.
Tips for Mindful Eating Advice on knowing when it is not the body but the heart that is asking to be fed.
Healthy Heart A meditation practice for focusing your attention on your heart.
Movie Trailers as Springboards for Soulful Conversation How short works of art in their own right that can evoke and inspire.
Birthday of John James Audubon Honoring the ornithologist, naturalist, and painter who painted, catalogued, and described the birds of North America.