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Little Mo and the Great Snow Monster An endearing book about finding the courage we need at the moment we need it.
The Quaking of America The Five Anchors that help us move through difficult situations without falling into a trauma response.
White-body supremacy White-body supremacy
Stop, Drop, and Roll A process to help you settle and stay present as a painful situation unfolds.
Presence - A Place to Step Out A practice to support intentionally choosing to temporarily push away distractions and be fully present in the moments of your life.
Do You Remember? A tender nod to the power of memory to sustain and heal us.
Skating on Thin Ice Answers to the Question “What Is the Path of Self-Realization?”
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie An extraordinarily intimate portrait of the actor who used a diagnosis of Parkinson’s to discover he is really was and what he could do for the world.
Ferrari A depiction of sports car racing as a metaphor for life’s journey with all its joys and stresses.
Bodhi Day A day to mark the enlightenment of the Buddha.