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Making Room for Your Own Grief A meditation and breath prayer for something you are grieving right now.
Mantras for Learning What Makes You Bloom Short statements to be used in meditation about discovering what truly nourishes you.
Enough Mantras for giving yourself the rest you need.
The Physiological Sigh Healthy benefits of sighing.
Sound Healing A guide to natural and cultivated sound for self-care and healing.
Breathe, Ground, and Resource, Revisited An exercise for bringing together the experience of safety and security with that of discomfort.
Caring for your body Caring for your body
Overwhelmed? Resources That Speak to Your Condition
Embodied Movement Meditation How to host your own embodied movement meditation experience.
Practicing with Heartbreak A ritual for processing emotions associated with personal/ancestral/racial/gender-based trauma and the climate crisis.