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The Art of Solitude A beautiful resource for quietness and solitude as a practice.
A New Silence A treasure-trove of prayers and practices for the contemplative life.
The Silence Slips In An appealing depiction of the Silence as a gentle and protective creature who can be called when needed.
Prayers for Hard Times Thomas Merton with an immersive form of prayer that fills all of life.
Meditations of the Heart A meditation on the value of quiet reflection on essential questions.
Silence An exploration of the riches of silence and the pleasures it can bring into your life.
Silence Silence and discovering parts of yourself.
Hunter of Stories A call for silence, please, from Eduardo Galeano.
The Song of Life A saying about silence by Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa), 1858 – 1939, Santee Sioux.
Mature Interspirituality Lynda "Ma Shanti" Terry on silence as catalyst for spiritual maturing.