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Formal dialogue among religions Formal dialogue among religions
A New Silence Some helpful aspirations for writing a code of conduct for your life.
In every corner of my soul exists an altar In every corner of my soul exists an altar
A New Silence A treasure-trove of prayers and practices for the contemplative life.
Path of the Heart A paean of praise to the spiritual practice of Joy, which blesses existence.
Path of the Heart A description of the mystical and spiritual path taken toward union with the Divine.
Nine Jewels of Night A devotional prayer by Beverly Lanzetta to the One who comes in many of our experiences.
Nine Jewels of Night The spiritual memoir of a contemplative soul and the joys and roadblocks she faces on the mystical path of not knowing.
Emerging Heart Beverly Lanzetta on global spirituality as a core of life that begins deep within one' soul.
Emerging Heart A bold and adventuresome vision of a new global spirituality that is mystical, nonviolent, compassionate and heart-centered.