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Inspired Design A visually sumptuous tribute to the beauty of Japanese traditional arts.
The Flower Shop Many manifestations of beauty in an unusual flower shop in Vienna.
Wabi Sabi An elegantly rendered appreciation of this Zen practice of beauty and simplicity.
Monk Dancers of Tibet An exploration of a rich sacred tradition that goes back to the ninth century.
Sensing Beauty Guidance for a rapprochement between the visual arts and the church.
Beading – The Creative Spirit An enthusiastic validation of beading as a spiritual art.
The Wheel of Time Sand Mandala An erudite overview of sand mandalas as a devotional practice in Tibetan Buddhism.
Move Closer A bridge to the satisfactions available in the art gallery.
The Illustrated Rumi An exquisitely designed volume that showcases the poems and teaching tales of Rumi.
Lindisfarne, Mizrah, Tibetan Buddhist Mandala Three 1,000-piece puzzles in Pomegranate's Artpiece series that each has a spiritual theme.