"The first step toward bringing out your inner beauty is to have only one goal for your physical self: that is to be an accurate representation of your spiritual self," writes Victoria Moran, author of Shelter for the Spirit and two other books. We've all met people who have an incredible inner radiance that casts a spell upon us. That person can be twelve or eighty, and we're still enchanted by his/her personal presence. Moran believes this type of beauty can be nurtured by various practices. She presents many of them in this sensible and satisfying book.

Consider Lit from Within as a spiritual charm school. To bolster your inner self, try affirmations such as "I am the radiant expression of a divine idea" or "Every day I feel more alive." Don't dump on your idiosyncrasies. Make the most of them like Bette Midler who late in life realized: "If only I'd known that one day my differentness would be an asset, my early life would have been much easier."

Yoga as a tonic, meditation as an inner space probe, and fasting as a body purifier are all beauty treatments recommended by Moran. She also celebrates the benefits of magnanimity, being happy for the good fortune of others, practicing simplicity, and protecting your emotions from negative influences.

"Beauty rubs off," Moran notes. "You can't stand face-to-face with a Rembrandt and walk away the same person." The overall message here is to be open to this incredible enhancer of life. Immerse yourself in beauty and you will see the profound inner changes that take place as a result.