Bees buzzin’ in the bergamot, Wind in the trees
Hummingbird hummin’ alleluia,
I fall down on my knees,
On my dusty knees,
I pray with dirty hands to a Mystery
I may never understand

Cricket’s singin’ the stars out
Now they’re shinin’ in the sky
Moon risin’ on the melody
Of the cricket’s lullaby
And this fiddler plays with no hands
It’s a mystery, I may never understand

Now the red-wing blackbird
Tells me the morning’s come
I close my eyes a little longer,
Hear the woodpecker playing the drum
Sayin’ “Mornin’s come, and day’s at hand!”
And it’s a mystery, I may never understand

So, I’m sittin’ here sippin’ on coffee,
Wonderin’ how things will end
Friends turn into lovers,
And a lover becomes a friend
And, oh, the heart is an unknown land
It’s a mystery, I may never understand
I may never understand, I may never understand

— Words and Music by Sara Thomsen
© 2004 Sara Thomsen