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Martin Luther in Shadow Dance It is not the man in Rome that is the source
William Sloane Coffin in Credo God's love
Robert J. Wicks in After 50 Interrupt the lessons
Howard Thurman in For the Inward Journey Look well to the growing edge
Donna Schaper in Stripping Down: The Art of Spiritual Restoration God is spreading grace
Hugh Prather in Spiritual Notes to Myself God speaks to us in a thousand voices
Frederick Buechner in The Swiftly Tilting Worlds of Madeleine L'Engle Beauty is to the spirit
Donald McCullough in Say Please, Say Thank You Did you know that in a lifetime
Gregory F. A. Pierce in Spirituality @ Work Each time you go to an art or sporting event
Howard Thurman in A Strange Freedom You must lay your lives on the altar