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Following Bad Deeds with Good Ones Jeffrey Hopkins' four steps to transforming our mistakes.
Radiating Help A meditation and daily intention to be of benefit to others.
Extending Equanimity to Nightmare Monsters Contemplations that will extend your sense of even-mindedness.
Appreciating the Nexus of Provisions Others Provide A reflection to overcome a false sense of independence.
When the World is Filled with Evil Lojong An aphorism and contemplation for awakening your compassionate heart.
Three Objects Lojong An aphorism and contemplation for turning the causes of suffering into seeds of virtue.
Your Goodness A meditation on rejoicing in your own goodness.
Thousand-Arm Chenrezig and Mantra Recitation A visualization and recitation for cultivating a compassionate heart.
Thought Transformation A meditation on Thousand-Arm Chenrezig and The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation.
Sending and Taking Lojong An aphorism and contemplation for understanding suffering and happiness.