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The Giveaway The basic instruction manual for all compassion do-it-yourselfers, aspiring bodhisattvas, and saints manqué.
When I Am Angry A short meditation for dealing with our anger.
When I Feel Criticized or Snubbed A short meditation for cultivating self-compassion in the face of rejection or criticism.
When I Feel Critical of Myself A short meditation to restore a sense of our own goodness.
Accepting Ourselves A guided meditation for unconditional acceptance and care that comforts and strengthens us.
Dissolving Fear in Bodhichitta Practice A practice to transform fear into empathy and compassion for all beings.
When I am in a Bad Mood A short meditation for allowing our difficult feelings.
Setting an Intention A process for developing conscious intention for each day.
Forgiving Ourselves A guided meditation to engender self-forgiveness.
Hebrew Prayer of Forgiveness An intention and entreaty for everyone's forgiveness and freedom from harm.