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Sogyal Rinpoche in Buddhist Acts of Compassion In a public talk, Sogyal Rinpoche recalls
Not So Good Lama Yeshe on how to live with equanimity.
Buddhist Blessing A blessing for peace, awareness, and spiritual realization for all beings.
The Eminently Trainable Mind Explanation of a Buddhist way to train the mind to be kind.
Greed and Giving A teaching story on giving freely.
Aimlessly Wandering Instructions for a simple, contemplative wandering practice.
Sakya Pandita in Gems of Wisdom from the Seventh Dalai Lama When you have nothing meaningful to say
Rimpoche Nawang Gehlek in Good Life, Good Death Don't be afraid
Gershe Sonam Rinchen Accepting Invitations
Lama Surya Das in Awakening to the Sacred Bow to all beings