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Michael Roach in The Diamond Cutter This particular quirk of the human mind
The Eminently Trainable Mind Explanation of a Buddhist way to train the mind to be kind.
The Essential Yoga Sutra Geshe Michael Roach and Christie McNally on the Yoga Sutra about practicing self-control.
The Karma of Love Geshe Michael Roche on answering with grace all the questions that people have for you.
The Karma of Love Tibetan Buddhist wisdom for the West tinged with positivity.
The Tibetan Book of Yoga Geshe Michael Roach on the benefits of virtuous yoga that includes kindness to others.
The Essential Yoga Sutra A translation of this Buddhist classic with commentary on the philosophy and practice of yoga.
The Tibetan Book of Yoga A terrific mind-body resource.
The Diamond Cutter Contains wise advice on an ethical and prosperous way of being in the workaday world.
The Garden A parable that presents the major teachings of Tibetan masters about everything from suffering to meditation to happiness.