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No Recipe A Zen master's tribute to freedom and reverence in the kitchen.
David Chadwick in To Shine One Corner of the World A wonderful teaching from Zen master Shunryu Suzuki on the value of beginner's mind.
Baby Bird Keen insights into the teacher-student relationship.
Temper Temper Unusual wisdom about the problem of an ungovernable temper.
Fighting Dragons A teaching story on feeding what you want to prevail.
Taking Tea Remarks about facing our demons and loving what is.
The Greatest Gift Wisdom about the greatest gift of love -- being there.
At the Movies Remarks about listening like we're at the movies.
The Power of Kindness A teaching story about how kindness cured a young girl who had suffered a breakdown.
Deliberate Selfishness An account of practicing selfishness until generosity and kindness spontaneously overflow.