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Painting Peace A Zen artist and poet's testimonies on peace.
The Sound of One Hand A wonderful collection of over 100 whimsical ink paintings and calligraphies by the great Zen master.
Heaven and Earth Are Flowers A lyrical celebration of the art of Ikebana and its subtle messages about beauty, balance, and impermanence.
Enso A fascinating collection of enso (Zen circles) with commentaries on these art works with calligraphy.
The Zen Art Box 40 examples of Zen art by great masters and explanations of them.
Making Love with Light A Zen tutorial on the art of contemplating nature using photographs, essays, and poems.
Inspired Design A visually sumptuous tribute to the beauty of Japanese traditional arts.
The Zen of Creativity Spiritual practices and helpful exercises to draw out this expressive force within us all.
A Voice at the Borders of Silence A rich and rewarding autobiography of this extraordinary man's spiritual journey.
Wabi Sabi An elegantly rendered appreciation of this Zen practice of beauty and simplicity.