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Centuries of Holiness Richard Valantasis on the importance of including playfulness in structuring a spiritual manner of living.
Bread Upon the Waters Peter Reinhart on courteousness being a practice of God recognizing God.
Who Is God? Irma Zaleski on why we should never attempt to solve our doubts.
Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer A travelogue of the heart and mind to understand the rich tradition and meaning of the Jesus Prayer in Orthodox monasteries.
Philokalia A central text on prayer, watchfulness, and stillness in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.
Centuries of Holiness An ambitious and soul-stretching collection of 100 essays relating the early wisdom of the Eastern Church to the complexities of the postmodern world.
The Book of Mystical Chapters John Anthony McGuckin on early Christian contemplatives' quotation about grace.
Crossing Mark Barrett's story of a woman feeling God's presence when she prayed by listening and relaxing.
Be Still And Know A reflection on divinization or becoming God as the destiny of the human being.