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Anniversary of Integration at Central High in Little Rock (PDP) Recalling the courage of the Little Rock Nine at Central High School.
Birthday of Muhammad Yunus (PDP) Saluting the pioneer who is helping create a poverty-free world built upon a sharing economy.
Anniversary of Brown v Board of Education and the End of Segregated Schools (PDP) Noting a watershed event in American history and a spiritual practice to shed separation.
Birthday of Michael Moore (PDP) Honoring the Academy Award-winning American documentary filmmaker, activist, and author.
Birthday of Paul Robeson Remembering the multi-talented artist who took stands against racism and for black liberation.
Write a Vision Statement Steps and statements for writing a statement affirming your passion for something bigger than you.
Dwight Currie in How We Behave at the Feast The next time you find yourself dining
Welcoming A reflection and exercise on what is and is not welcoming.
Keys to Strengthening Mutual Reverence Prizing every feature of your partner.
Keys to Creating a Warm Home Seeing your home as holy ground.