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A New Design for Living Ernest Holmes on how the only true security lies within us.
Tomorrow's God Why the poverty of millions of people is a spiritual issue that must be addressed.
A Pilgrim in Aquarius Celebrates the New Age as a community of imagination where everyday spirituality, co-creativity, and world-building go hand in hand.
Spirit Junkie A spiritual memoir about the healing and transformative powers of A Course in Miracles.
The Power of the Heart Ways to address fears and change behavior from Rhonda Britten and Pema Chodron.
The History of New Thought A well-done and wide-ranging history of the New Thought spirituality movement.
Living with Miracles D. Patrick Miller on forgiving oneself as the core of this spiritual practice.
Spirit Junkie Gabrielle Bernstein on welcoming a relationship as a holy assignment.
Astral Sex - Zen Teabags A funny compendium of definitions of New Age jargon.
Understanding A Course in Miracles D. Patrick Miller on A Course in Miracles as a way to be directed by love.