Protestant minister and novelist Frederick Buechner has written: "Whoever he was or was not, whoever he thought he was, whoever he thought he was, whoever he has become in the memories since and will go on becoming for as long as men remember him — exalted, sentimentalized, debunked, made and remade to the measure of each generation's desire, dread, indifference — he was a man once, whatever else he may have been. And he had a man's face, a human face."

This fascinating volume brings together more than 300 images of Jesus gathered by author, art critic, and historian Edward Lucie-Smith. Here you will find the face of Jesus as imagined by Leonardo da Vinci, El Greco, Rembrandt, Georges Rouault, and many others. These are also portraits of Jesus in icons, in movies, and in popular culture. The material is arranged around the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus from birth and early life to resurrected Christ. Other chapters include the beginning of Christ's mission, Christ and his followers, miracles and compassion, and the passion.