Sandra Ingerman works as a psychotherapist and shamanic practitioner and teaches workshops internationally on shamanic journeying, healing, and reversing environmental pollution using spiritual methods. She has trained shamanic teachers and founded an international alliance of Medicine for the Earth Teachers. She is recognized for bringing ancient cross-cultural healing methods into our modern culture, addressing the needs of our times. We have included her in our Living Spiritual Teachers Project.

For centuries shamans have used rhythmic drumming to alter their state of consciousness. While listening to percussion, our brainwaves slow down in what scientists call a theta state. This is where shamans do their journeying into the invisible realms.

This CD includes taiko drum music created for the purpose of shamanic excursions. Sandra Ingerman suggests ways to use this drumming to access altered states of consciousness. On the last three tracks, members of the Taiko Sol (Brian Valinski, Dyan Yoshikawa and Alliyah Noor) present drum rhythms of different lengths for your shamanic journeys.