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Sandra Ingerman A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Sandra Ingerman, a proponent of contemporary shamanic practices and advocate for spiritual and shamanic responses to degrad…
Tree-Breathe Commune with a favorite tree, exchanging energy.
Speaking with Nature Spiritual exercises and practices for encounters with plants and animals.
Speaking with Nature Llyn Roberts on prayer tree ceremonies in various cultures.
Shamanic Visioning Music Drumming music for shamanic journeying
Walking in Light The tradition seen in many countries of tying prayer ribbons to the branches of a tree to support others.
Walking in Light A practice-oriented resources that reveals all the connections that stem from shamanic journeying.
Awakening to the Spirit World Shamans Sandra Ingerman and Hank Wesselman on celebrating the gifts of gratitude emanating from an open heart.
Watch a Night of Television Noticing how TV affects your imagination.
The Shaman's Toolkit Ceremonies and arguments for making human beings good caretakers of the Earth.