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Disparate Rhythms Become One Disparate Rhythms Become One
Shamanic Visioning Music Drumming music for shamanic journeying
Shamanic Journeying A helpful toolkit with accompanying CD about this practice to explore non-ordinary reality for inner guidance and wisdom.
Church: A Catalyst for Exploration By Jack Miles for KidSpirit's Adventurous Spirit issue. When I was called up to the center altar of my church by the members of “Drums No Guns,” I froze. Who was I kidding? I often fi…
One Drum Indigenous ceremonies and wisdom from an Ojibway teacher, accessible for any spiritual seeker.
Native American Curated content of our resources on Native American wisdomStudy and Practice to: Learn to live simply, sustainably, and with intention Consider your ancestors and descendants as you make choices ab…
A Devotional Toolkit for Times of Crisis Practices from the World's Religions