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Disparate Rhythms Become One Disparate Rhythms Become One
Shamanic Visioning Music Drumming music for shamanic journeying
Shamanic Journeying A helpful toolkit with accompanying CD about this practice to explore non-ordinary reality for inner guidance and wisdom.
One Drum Indigenous ceremonies and wisdom from an Ojibway teacher, accessible for any spiritual seeker.
Church: A Catalyst for Exploration By Jack Miles for KidSpirit's Adventurous Spirit issue. When I was called up to the center altar of my church by the members of “Drums No Guns,” I froze. Who was I kidding? I often fi…
Native American Curated content of our resources on Native American wisdomStudy and Practice to: Learn to live simply, sustainably, and with intention Consider your ancestors and descendants as you make choices ab…
A Devotional Toolkit for Times of Crisis Practices from the World's Religions