God Who Breaks Chains, guide, direct, and sustain the poor, frightened, and desperate children of Central America who have seen their peers murdered in their communities because they have not wanted to join gangs, because of vendettas against their parents, and even from police brutality. Thousands of them have fled their homes and, unaccompanied by adults, are crossing the border into the United States seeking asylum.

Fact: A political row over child migrants into the U.S. caught fire in early June 2014 when leaked photographs showed children crushed together in a Texas holding facility while they awaited processing. Soon after, the government released figures showing that more than 52,000 unaccompanied children had reached the U.S. southern border between October 2013 and mid-June – more than double the number for the entire previous fiscal year. Four countries – El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico – account for almost all of the unaccompanied minor cases. (Reuters) She Who Hears the Cries of the World, inspire state and federal agencies to do the right thing to help the children seeking refuge. Give patience, courage, and hope to their parents and relatives. Give strength and perseverance to local American volunteers who are doing what they can to provide assistance and compassion to these children. Show us all how we can best be advocates for these innocents.

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