Posted by Frederic Brussat on September 2, 2022

African Wisdom

Not where I was born, but where it goes well with me is my home.
— Kanuri Saying in Wisdom of the African World

Jewish Wisdom

Posted by Frederic Brussat on August 19, 2022

Catholic Wisdom

It is not necessary to have great things to do. I turn my little omelet in the pan for the love of God.
— Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection, Catholic saint

New Age Wisdom

Posted by Frederic Brussat on August 5, 2022

Taoist Wisdom

When the people lack a sense of awe, there will be trouble in the empire.
─ Lao Tzu in Crazy Wisdom Saves the World Again!

Anglican Wisdom

Posted by Frederic Brussat on July 22, 2022

Catholic Wisdom

Love and joy exist properly in God. They constitute the basis of all attraction — love is the origin and joy is the end result.
— Thomas Aquinas in Sheer Joy by Matthew Fox

Teacher Wisdom . . .

Posted by Frederic Brussat on July 8, 2022


Doing little things well enables one to do big things better.
— saying on old postcard

Saint Wisdom . . .

Posted by Frederic Brussat on June 24, 2022

Coaching Wisdom

As we learn to truly respect one another’s differences, the most sought-after ideal — loving partnership that fosters emotional and spiritual growth — is becoming a reality.
— Art Klein quoted in The New Intimacy by James Sniechowski and Judith Sherven

Literary Wisdom . . .

Posted by Frederic Brussat on June 10, 2022

Catholic Wisdom

Love seeks one thing only, the good of the loved one. It leaves all the secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward.
— Thomas Merton in Whispers of God’s Love by Mitch Finley

Artistic Wisdom . . .

Posted by Frederic Brussat on May 13, 2022

Mystical Wisdom

The call to mystical openness is echoed across millennia of humanity's wisdom;
it is the call to discover the unitary point of view that holds the promise of a more just and peaceful planet.
— Beverly Lanzetta in Emerging Heart

Quaker Wisdom . . .

Posted by Frederic Brussat on April 29, 2022

Catholic Wisdom

If death teaches us anything, it teaches us that everything will someday end. The lesson is to wear suffering well, hold beauty lightly, and fear nothing.

-- Joan Chittister In a High Spiritual Season

Protestant Wisdom

Posted by Frederic Brussat on April 15, 2022

Muslim Wisdom

“The goal of human life is to beautify the soul through goodness and virtue and to make it worthy of offering to God Who is the Beautiful.
— Seyyed Hosssein Nasr in The Heart of Wisdom

Jewish Wisdom . . .


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