"Jesus, on him be peace, one day saw a young man watering the garden and he greeted him with peace. The young man recognized Jesus, on him be peace, and said:

'" 'O Messenger of God! Pray for me to the almighty that He may grant as my portion one atom of His love.'

"Jesus replied: 'Know for sure that you could not bear as much as the one atom of God's love you so desire.'

"But the young man insisted: 'In that case, let Him grant me just half an atom of His Love.'

"Jesus, the Spirit of God, raised his hands once in supplication to the Divine Unity: 'O Lord! Grant and bestow upon this youth just half an atom of Your love.' Then he went on his way.

"Sometime later, Jesus, on him be peace, passed that way again; he could not see the young man who had begged him for just half an atom of God's love, so he asked where he was. They said:

" 'O Prophet of God! That young man went away to the mountains and wandered into the deserts. We have no news of how he is and what has become of him.'

"Jesus, on him be peace, prayed to the Almighty and asked for that young man to be shown to him. By divine inspiration, Jesus, on him be peace, was told the young man's whereabouts and he went straight there. Seeing the youth sitting on a steep rock, immersed in contemplation, he called out to him. Far from responding, the young man did not even turn his head and look. Jesus, on him be peace, called out again, identifying himself this time, but again he got no response. It was then that God, the Lord of Majesty and Perfection, vouchsafed to Jesus, on him be peace, this inspiration:

" 'How can one with even half an atom of My love in his heart be expected to hear the voices of men? O Jesus! For the sake of My Might and Majesty, do not suppose that he heard your voice and yet gave you no answer. If they were to cut that young man up with a saw, he would feel no pain. If they threw him into the fire, the fire would not burn his body, and he would not even notice the heat of the flames.' "