Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak (1916 - 1985) was the spiritual leader of the Halveti-Jerrahi Order of Dervishes in Istanbul and in the United States. In the preface to this new edition of a volume first published in 1981, he discusses his impressions of a trip to America where he met Lex Hixon and was quite taken with the love of God expressed by the spiritual seekers he encountered.

Sheikh Muzaffer writes: "Affection is the marrow and essence of all worlds, visible or invisible, known or unknown. Affection is the secret of creation." In this paperback he discusses different aspects of the love of God. The person who has surrendered to the Divine One doesn't allow anything else to stand in the way of this relationship. Therefore, it is acceptable and even praiseworthy that there is a jealous attribute of God. Rumi's love of books became a stumbling block between him and Real Love, so they had to go. Muzaffer asks: "Have you yourself ever shed a simple tear for love of God? How many nights have you spent without sleep for the love of God? What sacrifices have you been able to bear for love of God?" These questions cut to the heart and challenge us to look at our priorities.

Everything on the Sufi path is related to love for the Beloved. Sheikh Muzaffer includes the following as part of the ritual of ablution: "When rinsing the nose three times one should pray: My God, let my nose smell the scents of Paradise, the fragrant perfume of Muhammad." Elsewhere he includes the following counsel when a worldly notion intrudes upon the heart during a time of prayer: "One should say, 'My God, You are my Goal; all I desire is Your noble pleasure."

There you have it — the whole point of our journey on Earth is to find ways to please the Beloved with our words and deeds. Many other examples of just how to do this are included in The Unveiling of Love.