"In becoming an sith we align ourselves with what I call the shimmering peace of a place. We open ourselves to its mysteries, not in some romanticized Tinker Bell way but in an authentic dialogue with the holy energies, with the spirits. By entering into such a dialogue with the spirit of peace in a place we are able to experience firsthand the results of inner transformation. We begin to take on and embody the essence of a place of power. Indeed, over time we can become so profoundly merged with a place and identified with its energy that we become part of its spirit, its voice.

"There are many ways of becoming an sith, of becoming the peace: Engaging in deep meditative states within the natural world. Hillwalking and going on pilgrimage. Making ablutions in a stream or spring. Sleeping on the side of an ancestral cairn (ancient burial places of actual ancestors) or a faery hill (sacred mounds considered to be special "fey" or faery places). Sitting in a tree. Doing a prayer fast (or what many Native American shamans call a vision quest). Communing with the mist created within a sweat lodge (ceremonial sauna), be it Nordic, Finnish, Celtic, or Native American. All these are ways of entering sitchain (a state of peace).

The emphasis on peace within the Celtic spiritual traditions is not always obvious. An old Irish proverb states, "The peacemaker is never in the way." In other words, in any natural setting and within any human circumstance the peacemaker, one who has become an sith, is someone you want around. Their presence promotes harmony and healing. Their essence engenders trust and instills a sense of the spirit of peace in a place."