Walks Tall Woman teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self-esteem, not self-importance. She shows us that the more we refine our skills, the happier we are with ourselves. Walks Tall Woman understands that actions always speak louder than words and that when we are living examples of our philosophies, we are walking our personal truths. When we walk with truth, there is no need to fear what others think of us. Reputation is based upon integrity and inner knowing, not on the opinions of others, who may be jealous or insecure about themselves. Walks Tall Woman teaches us that it is through our relationship to the Great Mystery and to life that we know and honor our selves and our spirits....Walks Tall shows us how to keep our eyes on the goal, our feet on the path, and the truth in our hearts, never waiting for another to do it for us. Leading through example by being personally responsible in thought, action, and deed is the way we find the Medicine of Walking Our Talk.